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Who We Are

guerillalit is a publishing collective of artists/editors/writers and the like, with the single goal of publishing work the guerillalit way.  For a better (read: more comprehensive) understanding of that, please read the On Publishing Poetry tab located on the top right of this very page.  Beyond that, we teach writing and literature, publish what we like, work as editors and tutors when necessary, write what verse the gods demand, attend and host art shows, write reviews, do readings (and publish videos–see our Youtube channel for more information there), and generally tend to piss on the traditional way of doing things.  On this page, you’ll find links for bookstores that carry what we publish, merchandise for the brave among you, sites for artists we work with and/or appreciate, and, of course, our own blog–which will include everything from reviews and dates to remember all the way to, well, actual writing.

guerillalit is based in California and New York and includes Eugene Ellsworth, Tobias Deehan, Brian Townsley, the elusive Jordan Mack, the artist Tim Townsley, videographer extraordinaire Moses Galindo, as well as many others who dip in to publish, post, interview, read with us, and generally share the guerillalit spirit.

Many people who have followed us for years will notice the change to a new site and we hope that it meets whatever expectations you have.  We are excited with the alterations.  If you are new to the site and/or the guerilla, settle in and take a look.  We’re doing some good stuff here.  Feel free to contact us via email at with any questions or comments.

Choose Your Side.

Cheers, GL

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  1. e.e. permalink
    February 11, 2011 7:14 pm

    in an abandoned university lives recently schizophrenic Jordan Mack.

    the last of the books were burned
    the tea party rallies continue
    immigrant sanctuaries have become extermination camps
    the progressives have been executed or exiled
    sarah palin is vice president under
    fred waldron phelps, sr.

    fox news is the only source of media

    guerillas. grab your knives and write.


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